When it comes to welding, there is no substitute for quality and experience.

Either as a standalone job or the component of a larger project, Tel-X provides a range of welding services, from TIG and MIG welding to spot/resistance welding.

Our welding equipment includes:

  • Miller Syncrowave Model 250 TIG welder
  • Miller Syncrowave Model 350 TIG welder
  • Miller Dynasty 350 TIG welder
  • Miller Millermatic 200 MIG welder
  • Welders & Presses, Dual Station Spot Welder with auto pick off
  • Ferranti Sciaky spot welder
  • Camarc Ultima 150 Plasma Welder

Contact us today at (734) 425-2225 or email us at info@telxcorp.com to learn more about our welding services.